Studio Yoga

New Client special $65 unlimted yoga & mindful education classes for 1 month

SOUL IN MOTION is a Mindful, innovative Yoga-Fit studio, and boutique. We offer a variety of yoga, for men, women and children, non heated and heated. Our signature classes include , Power Fit Yoga, Hot Yoga, kids, beginner meditation & (SUP)stand up paddle board yoga/fitness. We also offer a mobile Corporate wellness program. It is our desire to help our students live healthy and happy on and off the mat. Soul in Motion celebrates diversity, while honoring the one force that unites us all, LOVE. Our studio is welcoming and peaceful in a non competitive atmosphere . Soul In Motion is Fitness for the body, mind and soul.

Hot Yoga

Some Like it HOT !!

All Level Yoga performed in a heated studio slightly above body temperature. This allows deeper stretching, release of toxins from the body, and promotes weight loss. Come to class dressed lightly and well hydrated. Mats and water are all available to buy, or rent in the boutique.

All Level Yoga

All level vinyasa style moderately paced class linking movement with breath, along with meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques). Move at your own pace and honor your body mind and soul. Adjustments and modifications for all levels are offered.

Yoga Basic Flow

Yoga Basic Flow is a slow flow introductory level for both beginners and seasoned yogis who want to get back to basics. This class introduces the fundamental principles of breath, alignment and key postures (asanas). Meditation and breathing techniques are introduced.

Power Yoga Fit

Total body fitness for the body, mind, and soul

Power Yoga Fit is an all level low impact class that blends yoga, core, and cardio . This class is our signature yoga meets fitness, toning all the areas of the body, as well as cardio. We mildly heat this class for an extra detox experience. You will leave this class feeling invigorated, and satisfied with a great overall fun body work out. No experience necessary just be ready to sweat!!

Beginner Meditation / Mindfulness & Energy Healing

"Between stimulus and response lies a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose a response. In our response lies our growth and happiness"

Beginner meditation / mindfulness & energy healing is a great class for beginners or even seasoned meditators. If you have a curiosity and desired to learn how to meditate, and to understand the many benefits physiologically and emotionally, this class is for you. Learn how you can decrease your own stress through knowledge and practice. We teach you the basic fundamental tools to be able to practice on your own. Practicing meditation is not complicated it is simple, easy and you do not need to practice it for a long period of time in order to receive the benefits. In addition we offer a 10 minute sample energy healing as well ,which is a wonderful compliment to the practice of meditation. Energy healing aids in helping you feel more calm, clear and balanced overall. Come join us once, or every week for a informative and fun meditation class taught by the owner Jessica Diktas, Author of the Science & Practice of Mindfulness. Drop in fee is $15, anyone can drop in come 10 min before the class to reserve your meditation chair.

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